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Take Pride in Your Recovery

Every day we are confronted with the stereotypes of drug and alcohol addiction. This is a devise that people use in an attempt to keep addiction out of their lives. It is much easier to see an addict as being the homeless person that you pass on the way to work or as criminals. The truth is, addiction can affect any demographic. The nature of people’s perceptions prevent a lot of addicted individuals from admitting they have a dependency issue. It prevents them from reaching out for treatment and support from those that are closest to them.

Even when people seek treatment and the path to recovery, the stigma remains. There are hurdles when it comes to employment, education, and acquiring insurance. If there is any history of criminal activity due to drug-related offenses, access to voting, licenses, and benefits can be withheld. These challenges do not help a recovering addict find a normal life in their community.

It is our goal to change the face of recovery. We shine a light on the accomplishments and strengths of those who have overcome their addictions. The journey to sobriety is not one of shame, but of pride. Your stories and victories can not only help others that are facing similar paths, but can also help dispel myths and hurtful stereotypes.

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The Dandelion

We are surrounded by dandelions. They are so common that we hardly even notice them anymore. It is an oblivion that we choose, but they really shouldn’t be ignored.