The Dandelion

We are surrounded by dandelions. They are so common that we hardly even notice them anymore. It is an oblivion that we choose, but they really shouldn’t be ignored.

What most people don’t realize, is how useful these “weeds” actually are:
They have medicinal properties.
They are good to eat from the flowers to the roots.
They are vital to the survival of bees.
They are loved by many foraging animals.

Dandelions are hardy and adaptable. The can grow low to the ground or tall and strong. They only need a little bit of soil to thrive, which is why you see them in cracks in the sidewalk.

I am a dandelion. I am ugly and annoying to some, and beautiful and useful to those who really know me. I am bright. I am resilient. When I seemed to be fading and close to death, I came back even more beautiful.
I am misunderstood, but I know my worth.

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